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Baby Photography with Little Creative Ph

Oh those first smiles, chunky legs, and rosy cheeks...

I do really love studio baby sessions that are just perfect for babies aged 6 - 10 months.

My sessions are simple, beautiful and fun for the babies!


They are a perfect way to capture your little baby's personality.

No trends or excessive props. Simply the ones you love being photographed in a deep beautiful natural light.

Things you need to know

I know I know, this may sound cliche by babies do change incredibly fast in the first few months of their lives! They become more social, enjoy playing with their hands and feet and will explore toys and other objects. And most importantly, their little personalities start coming out too!

By the time they become one, they will change so much.

This is why I love these sessions. They are truly focused on capturing your baby's uniqueness and all the life skills they have mastered - smiling, sitting up or discovering their feet.

Let's chat about your baby session

There is no charge or obligation, just a 15min chat where you will learn more about my baby photography sessions and packages.

All calls take place via Zoom video calling or phone. 

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