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a little creative person behind the lens

Hi, I'm Marzena. Welcome to my world!

My photography is about you and your family. Telling your story whatever that story may be. 

Life gets super busy. Maybe you are preparing for welcoming your little one into the world or trying to juggle work and family life or working on that little dream of yours. Whatever your story is I'm here to tell it.


Beautifully. Simply. Impactfully.

I don't just take photos. I capture those memories of your life with your little ones. I freeze those everyday little moments that you want to bottle up and keep forever. I help your business to raise your voice in the busy world. I help you stand out. I teach you how to make the most of your fancy camera so you don't miss a special moment again.

and here is who I'm

Not too tall. Not too wide. Born to be a mum. Big on finding happiness in the everyday. Family is my everything. 


I'm a green juice advocate. I run when I don't have my camera on me. I can watch sea waves for hours. Claiming mountains is so much fun. Love going on adventures with my loved ones. 


I believe in the magic of every day. However messy or crazy. And that everything if figurable.

what makes me click

outdoor family photography (79).jpg

magic of everyday

As much as I enjoy taking beautiful family portrait it is those little moments in-between that always steal my heart.

Cake smash session (52).jpg

natural studio

Natural light and minimal props are my secrets to capturing the uniqueness of your baby in those first few months of their life.

outdoor family photography (15).jpg

colourful outdoors

We are surrounded by beautiful local woods and parks and I love making the most of it whatever the weather. And kids love a good run!


my little pumpkins

I'm so super grateful for my two beautiful children who teach me what is life about every day. It's crazy at times, but totally worth it!

wanna work with me

I create beautiful photographs for big-hearted families and heart-led creatives

If you are looking for family photographs that will capture the uniqueness of your family and the connection you have, all in a beautiful setting, then you've come to the right place. 

I'm passionate about creating stunning photographs that you will display proudly around your home and will make you smile every single time you look at them. 

Are you here for my personal branding & headshot photography

I love creating beautiful, powerful photographs for heart-led, creative entrepreneurs who are on their journey to make their wildest dreams happen. If you are passionate about your business, curious, open-minded and ready to take your work to the next level, I would love to hear from you!

safety first

And finally, just so you know - I'm a fully trained newborn photographer able to safely handle and pose newborn babies to ensure they are comfortable and well looked after before, during and after your photoshoot. 

advanced newborn training 2017.png
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