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5 tips for taking great photos of your children on a walk

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Do you own a fancy camera and would love to start taking it with you for your Sunday walks in the local park or wood?

Below are my 5 tips on how to start taking great photos of your children whatever the time of the year or camera.


Time your shoot for either morning or afternoon just before the sun goes down so that you get a nice soft light in your images. If you are shooting on a sunny day 1) make sure the sun is behind your subject to avoid squinting eyes and provide a beautiful halo outline that helps to separate your subject from the background 2) move into the shadow.


Clothing choices can really make a difference to your photographs, especially if you are planning to take your little one/s for a walk in the woods or local park. Try to have everyone wear natural tones that will either complement the colours of nature or blend in. Avoid clashing patterns, neon colours or dominant logos. If you are taking photos of more than one child, you can come up with a colour theme.


When you are shooting in nature, you do want to find the best colours and textures you can. If you are planning to do a little shoot for your children, try to find the right spot before the shoot. Just remember that the landscape can change really quickly, especially during spring and autumn. Your local wood or park with a few trees or wood tend to offer great backdrops for your photos.


You know the songs your children like and what gets them interested. Keep them engaged by giving them little tasks or games to play: give them bunches of leaves to throw in the air; find some wildflowers for them to hold, bring a balloon and give it to them to play with it; bury them in leaves; play hide & seek; ask them to lie down and look up at you, ask them to look for a stick and bring it back to you.


Knowing how to use your camera in different situations can really make a difference. It all seems a bit complex at first, but the more you practice the easier it gets.

Like most people, I owned a fancy camera for about 7 years but never was brave enough to switch off the Auto function. I tried to watch various YouTube videos and read articles, but I wasn’t able to find time to practice or sort and edit the photos I managed to take on an odd day. And most importantly, taking a great photo was pure luck which didn’t motivate me to improve my skills.

It was only when I joined a beginner’s photography course for parents that I made real progress in my learning and gained motivation to practice. By investing in learning new skills and connecting with people with similar passions I finally find my way to making the photography part of my everyday life.

You don’t have to do it alone and that is why I have created my Photography Workshop for Busy Mums packed with useful tips on how to best use your camera, strategies on making the most of your location and lighting and advice on how to work with children. It is a perfect start to developing new skills that will allow you to capture high-quality images that will last a lifetime.

So what will you do to get started?

About my photography courses:

I have lots of different course options from 1-2-1s to group training and can tailor the content to your needs. I run my weekend beginners photography course near Ampthill & Flitwick in Bedfordshire.


- how to find great light in any situation

- how to compose your photos effectively

- what exposure is in a nutshell

- how to get that lovely blurry background in your photos

- how to set up your camera for best results

- what to do with your photos once you’ve taken them

….and lots more!

These courses are a perfect gift idea for mums who own a fancy camera but struggle to find time to get to know it and practice.

You can read a bit more about my Photography Workshop for Busy Mums HERE or get in touch HERE to find out more.



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