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Family photographer Hitchin

Have you been searching for “family photographer Hitchin”, going through lots of websites and getting nowhere? Oh yes, there are many options and styles of family photography and it all can be quite confusing. Plus when you have a family you don’t have the time to spend hours looking through all of the websites that appear under ‘family photographer Hitchin”.

This is why I thought I will put together this mini guide on different styles to help you to pick the right family photographer.

Family Photography Styles

Studio Photography Session

This is when you visit the photographer’s studio. It is a great option for newborn photography session, baby photography session or 1st birthday/ cake smash photography session. A home studio (which is what I have) offers a relaxed and cosy environment. Some photographers like me own plenty of lovely wooden toys and props for older babies to explore and have lots of gorgeous outfits to choose from.

I only use carefully selected props in my studio photography sessions to make sure the focus is on your baby. I also invite parents to join the session for an opportunity to get some lovely candid family photographs.

Here you can see some photographs from my newborn photography sessions and here from my baby photography sessions.

Home Photography Session

This is when the photographer comes to your house and documents your family in your own environment. These photos focus on showing who your family is and what you love at this stage of your lives. Home photography sessions tend to be relaxed and just a chance for your family to enjoy spending some fun time together.

You can read HERE about one of my home photography sessions I did recently for a family in Ampthill.

Outdoor Photography Session

Outdoor sessions are so much fun! They are suitable for children of all ages and a great way to update your family albums with some natural and timeless images.

I start my family outdoor sessions with taking some lovely portraits of children, parents and the whole family together. We take a little walk and I let everyone forget that I’m there with my camera so that the kids can relax and be themselves. I love seeing them running free and having fun. This is a perfect time to capture lots of natural and relaxed images of them.

So those are the 3 main styles of family photography and once you know which you prefer it will make finding your “family photographer Hitchin” so much easier.

If you’d like more information on my family photography please CLICK HERE.



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